Apple Brandy Chicken

Easy Baked Chicken Breast RecipesAlmost everyone loves eating chicken. Many like eating southern fried chicken, chicken soup, and maybe even chicken curry from time to time. But not all of us know how to cook chicken in different ways. A lot of us probably only know how to do deep fried chicken. So, here are two delicious recipes for chicken breast that you might love and add some variety to your menu.

Apple Brandy Chicken

Served with rice or pasta, this chicken meal consists of chicken breasts, apple brandy, mushrooms, cream, and onion.

The ingredients for this recipe are 4 chicken breast halves, salt and pepper, 8 ounces of sliced mushroom, 2 teaspoons of olive oil, 2 teaspoons of butter, 1/3 cup of apple brandy, 4 pieces of chopped green onions, half a cup of whipped or heavy cream, and 1 teaspoon of fresh thyme leaves. For the last ingredient, you can use ¼ teaspoon of dried leaf thyme as an alternative.

To start cooking the apple brandy chicken, the chicken breasts have to be flattened. To accomplish this, you must place each piece between 2 pieces of plastic wrap. Pound on each piece gently until it becomes thin. Make sure that all the pieces are uniform in size. Put some salt and pepper on each piece. Put some olive oil and butter in a large skillet and heat it over medium heat. Cook the chicken breasts for 5 minutes or until one side browns before turning it over. Add in the mushrooms and cook for another 5 minutes before adding the green onion and apple brandy. Continue cooking until the chicken is cooked through and the mushrooms have become tender. Add in the thyme and cream then let it simmer until the sauce becomes thick. Add salt and pepper to taste.

This recipe serves 4 people.

Chicken and Zucchini With Garlic Cream Sauce

The ingredients for this recipe are ¼ cup of butter, 3 whole chicken breasts that have been halved, 3 cups of 1/8-inch-thick sliced zucchini, and ½ cup of diced green onions. For the garlic cream, you’ll need 2 tablespoons of butter, 1 large clove of garlic that’s minced, 3 tablespoons of flour, 1 3-oz. package of cream cheese, 1 can of chicken broth, and ½ teaspoon of pepper.

For the chicken, melt the butter (1/4 cup) in a skillet before adding the chicken. Cook until the chicken is brown and tender before adding the zucchini and onion.  Cook until the zucchini becomes crispy.

To cook the garlic cream sauce, melt 2 tablespoons of butter in a saucepan and add the garlic. Cook for 1 minute before adding the flour. Stir while cooking until the sauce is smooth and bubbly. Add the rest of the ingredients and continue stirring and cooking until the sauce because thick and smooth.

To serve, place the chicken and zucchini over rice before pouring the sauce over each piece of chicken breast.